Our 6 Core Programmes

Teaching and learning support materials

Base on the need analysis of each school, supplementary teaching and learning materials are provided depending on the

Mathematics, Science and English Incubator Programmes

This program aim to improve learners attainments in the above mentioned subjects particularly in high school through supplementary lessons conducted after school, Saturdays and during school holidays.

Teacher Development

Improvement of in-service teacher content knowledge and teaching methodology through integration of the 21th century skills in Mathematics and Science. Workshops and classroom support are some of the activities aimed to develop teachers.

ICT teaching and learning supported environments

The success of ICT integration in teaching and learning depends on the teachers’ ability to bring together technological knowledge, subject matter knowledge and effective teaching methodology. Mine is Education develop and support teachers to effectively integrate available ICT in class. This is done through training and classroom support.

Soft-Skills and Behavioural change campaigns

This programme aim to stimulate acceptable academic and social behaviour to enable learners to reach their full potential. The activities include study skills workshops, Examination skills workshops, career guidance, Motivational talks, teenage pregnancy, drug and substance abuse awareness campaigns.

Literacy and numeracy

This program aims to improve learner academic performance in English and Mathematics in the primary school. Activities such as “Dear (Drop everything and read)”, Library projects, Maths clubs, public speaking events engage learners in an exciting and effective learning mode outside and the normal classroom activities.